Manage Members & Continuing Professional Development


MappCPD is web software designed for professional organisations and societies. It streamlines the management of membership information, subscriptions and CPD programs.

It is a fully-hosted solution and only requires a modern web browser to get going - easy!

Members can access the web portal to update contact information, pay bills, record CPD activity and access your library of resources and CPD modules.

The MappCPD project is an ongoing collaboration between Mesa and CSANZ. It has been in production use since October 2013 with zero downtime, and is being continually improved and updated.


Below is a list of key features and benefits of MappCPD. - a centralised, efficient & hassle-free platform for managing your data, and delivering quality services to your members.

  Manage Member Data
The core functionality of MappCPD is as a basic 'CRM' so you can manage information about your members. File notes and attachments can also be stored in the system.

  Billing & Online Payments
Send ad-hoc invoices and automatic membership renewals with online payment via your choice of payment gateway.

  Workflow & Issue Management
Issue tracking is used to prevent things getting lost in the storm. Some issues are raised and resolved automatically, whilst others are left for real people to sort out. Create custom issue types and track progress by attaching notes and documents.

  Automated Email Reminders
Notify members about overdue invoices, CPD requirements and other important events via tailored housekeeping functions.

  Email Broadcasts
Send emails to the members visible on almost every search or report screen.

  Member Portal
Members can update their details, view and pay invoices, record CPD and much more.

  Online Resource Library & Learning Modules
Aggregate internal and external educational resources for your members. Create your own online modules with automatic CPD logging and optional user feedback.

  CPD Framework
CPD activities are organised into categories with the ability to cap credit. Variable evaluation periods can also be defined for reporting and compliance purposes.

  CPD Audit
Audits can be targeted or selected randomly. An audit record is created with a complete list of CPD activities in a convenient web form, or printed for manual auditing.


Below are a few screens to give you a feel for MappCPD. Click on an image for a description of the screen, or go to the docs for more details.

Recent Updates

Jan 2017 - API prototype deployed
Feb 2017 - Pubmed articles automatically added to the resource library every day
Feb 2017 - Added Algolia indexes for fast, accurate resource library searches
Mar 2017 - Prototype mobile web app with recurring CPD and one-click recording

These features are available in the demo.

What's Coming?

There are a lot of new features on the list, including a more flexible CPD framework, a mobile app and improvements to the learning system.

For more detail see the admin and member roadmaps.


If you are interested in the nitty gritty see the MappCPD Docs.


This demo will be reset every now and then so please let us know if you'd like like something more persistent.

Admin Application:
login: demo-admin
pass: demo-admin

Member Application:
login: [email protected]
pass: demoMember1

Member Mobile Web (prototype):
login: [email protected]
pass: demoMember1


If you'd like to know more, please get in touch. We're keen to talk with organisations who'd like to help drive the development of MappCPD.